Looking for your true Oregon outdoor wedding venue? You've found it!

We are the premier Portland Oregon outdoor wedding and reception venue, with the true flavor of Oregon in all three of our wonderful sites!
Our first wedding was in 1986, so we have a long and wonderful history of providing couples with the perfect setting for Oregon outdoor wedding ceremony and reception!

Our venue offers three of the most amazing sites in the Portland, Oregon area for outdoor weddings and receptions, all at a very affordable cost.

Choose your own personal wedding site from three separate and distinct areas, all offering the wonderful flavor of an Oregon outdoor wedding and/or wedding reception venue. Not only do all of our areas offer spectacular and picturesque scenery, whether it's by the lake or nestled in the woods along the creek, you get the area all day and night long, truly your wedding day and not just a moment! (For detailed information about pricing and such, scroll down the page!).

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The Lakeside area

The Lakeside area is on the south side of the lake and can easily handle 350 people. The area is semi-wooded on the lake side and forested on the other with a landscaped 160 foot long waterfall feature next to a ceremony area. In the center of this scenic setting is a large covered area and a grass lawn.

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The Creekside area

The Creekside area is a wooded area set along a natural creek and can handle about 300 people. This scenic area has very tall trees, a small pond, a creek that runs right alongside the ceremony area and a large lawn area.

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The Stage area

The Stage area is north lakeside and can easily handle 700 people. It is equipped with a large 65 foot wide beautiful wooden stage. The stage sits alongside the lake, so you are right above water, with trees on either side of the stage.

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The basic package (which can grow)

Included in the basic package (which can grow!) is 80 chairs, 10 tables with linens, a dressing room, an arbor, a very nice covered area that can seat at least 120 with a dance floor area, built in buffet tables, water, BBQ and electric power.

All of this, plus the area for 23 hours, all for only $3,250 on Fridays and Saturdays, $2,950 on Sundays (2020 prices)!

If you have a larger wedding in mind we can always build from here, up to several hundred people. All areas also have new, tiled and very nice restrooms.

You have your spot for 23 hours!

A very unique thing about us is how long you have your wedding site. Most wedding ceremony and reception facilities only rent for a few hours at a time, but not here. We understand that this day is one of the most important and meaningful days of your life, so here we make sure it's your wedding day and not your wedding moment. How? Here's the great part - when you reserve an area for your wedding, it's yours for the entire day from 11 AM till 10 AM the following day! You can truly relax, soak in and enjoy your wedding day and not be rushed in and out! We can do this not only because you have a full day but also because we have a camping option available for you! Each area has it's own group camp site that can hold at least 80 people and cost only $200. Because we are secluded in a beautiful canyon, even though you're just 20 miles west of Portland Oregon, you'll feel like you're in an enchanted world all of your own!

Family operated with family values!

We offer all of this because it is our policy to give you the best deal possible. We are a family operation first and we feel that as a bride and groom that are just starting out in life together you needn't be burdened with enormous wedding bills. And since we have done many weddings, we can be a very useful resource to help with your wedding planning. We don't offer catering, so who you have as your caterer is up to you or you and your family can do it yourselves! If you are looking for a caterer we do have a very good list shown on this page to choose from if you wish, again, catering is all up to you!. Alcohol is allowed, though you must provide insurance for that. You can get this through home owners insurance, through Gales Creek Insurance in Portland www.galescreek.com or through www.wedsafe.com. We do offer (but don't require you to use) an on site minister and wedding planner at very reasonable prices if you need one!

Besides offering you a very unique setting, we also pride ourselves on having all the basics ready for you to make your day stress free and as wonderful as possible! For those who worry about going into the night as mentioned we also offer you camping for you and your guests. So with us, you, your family and friends can relax and spend your entire wedding day creating memories, decorating and personalizing the area to your liking and taste and make the area unique to you. Enjoy romantic walks on our forest trails, take the kids on paddle boat rides, all the while soaking in the beauty of our forested canyon paradise! Truly a wedding day to warm your hearts forever!

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Let us take you on a tour!

We would love to take your for a tour, though we do require an appointment. Please give us a call at 503-647-2920 or eMail us at bob@horningshideout.com and let us help you make your special day most memorable!