The heat has brought extreme fire danger, so there is no smoking allowed except for at designated smoking areas. No charcoal BBQs are allowed except for the ones provided around the lake. No wood fires are allowed at all. All cooking at the camp areas is with propane only and off the ground. Please be very aware of fire!!

Fishing notice:
Along with fire danger from the heat the heat has also slowed fishing way, way down, so be aware that the only time people are catching fish is early morning.

We will be closed starting August 21st through August 30th and reopen on the 31st. We are setting up and hosting the wonderful Faerieworlds Festival, a Celtic/Mystical music festival based on Faeries!!! For more information on Faerieworlds go to our calendar page. All fishing, camping and disc golf will be closed during this time.

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concerned about country restroom facilities? No worries here, our restrooms are tiled and very clean!