We are open on Friday through Monday, 9 AM till 5 PM.

Rainbow Trout fishing!!

Where else can you go that is so close to Portland Oregon for rainbow trout fishing in a lake setting? Want the kids to have a great trout fishing experience and enjoy the great Oregon outdoors? Then we're the u-catch trout fishing place for you!

Adults and children alike delight in catching glistening rainbow trout from our well-stocked lake and pond!

No equipment necessary!

Don't have a fishing pole or bait? No worries! With our general entrance fee of $4 per person we supply your family with poles and bait!
Fishing is charged by the pound before they are cleaned at $8 per pound. Most of the time our fish weigh around 1/2 to 1 pound each (11 to 14 inch fish). We have a very nice cleaning station for you to clean your fish, and if you need a bit of instruction we can teach you to clean your fish!

Hours of operation:

We are open on Friday though Monday, our hours are 9 AM till 5 PM. We do close in the summer for concerts, so please check the concert calendar before coming out to save you disappointment.

You don't need a fishing license

Fishing is available March through September and no licenses are necessary at Horning's Hideout(see news column for closed dates). We are also wheel -chair accessible and have good gravel paths surrounding our 4 1/2 acre lake. Access around the lake is only by foot, we do not allow cars to drive to various areas so please be prepared to carry your gear.

Only fly fisherman can catch and release

Sorry, but to preserve the health of our fish, only fly fishermen are permitted to catch and release and hourly rates apply.

when a fish takes a fly it's almost always right on the edge of the mouth, while with bait or lures they swallow the hook much deeper in their mouth or throat. This causes too much damage for most fish to survive).

Develop your fly fishing skills!

When open catch and release fly fishing is $12 an hour and is allowed from October through June (in the summer it's too warm for fly fishing). Before you start fly fishing please check with us to review our current catch and release rules.

Paddle boat wars!

We also offer paddle boats on the water for those who want to have some fun paddling around the lake. For added fun they are all equipped with giant squirt guns! The paddle boats are $5 per half hour. Paddle boats are open Friday through Monday from 9 AM till 5 PM. There is no fishing allowed from the boats because the lines always get tangled in the paddles.