A little bit about us

Richard and Jane Horning bought part of this property in 1958 and 1967, and started raising a family on it in 1960. In the 60's and 70's it was a cattle ranch. In 1972 we created the lake. Richard and Jane dreamed of retiring here on the place and making it a private park. Unfortunately in 1981 Richard was diagnosed with a type of radiation-caused leukemia. Richard was a Korean War Vet who was exposed to radiation during an atomic bomb test in Nevada in 1951. Also in 1981 Bob Horning, their son, finished a four year tour in the Air Force and came back home to work because of Richard’s sickness. Since there was not much in cattle, Richard, Jane and Bob decided to follow the dream of changing the place over to a private park. Horning's Hideout opened up in 1983 for trout fishing and horse back riding, though the horse back riding ended in 1989. If you had come up here during that time a good chance was that Jane would have taken you on a horseback ride tour herself. In 1986 Bob finished building a saw mill and the family started building the park. In 1985 Richard died of radiation-caused leukemia, just as we started to build the park.

In 1986 we started holding weddings and company picnics, in 1988 camping, and in 1992 some friends asked if they could play some music here, and from there the music connection to Horning's was built. Through the years we have hosted many wonderful concert events.

In 2005 we added another 40 acres to the park for a total of 160 acres.

In 2008 we opened up our first Disc Golf course, intending to build a couple more later on if it was popular. Needless to say we started on the other courses immediately. We now have three 18 hole courses, offering a course to fit all levels of player’s.

In 2010 we also became host to the regions "Warrior Dash" a 3 mile fun mud run that includes obstacles to test your metal.

Today, Horning's Hideout is a private park where we hold almost any type of outdoor event. Weddings, Disc Golf, family & company picnics, trout fishing, camping, jamborees, concerts, the list goes on.

The Horning family is fulfilling our dreams of a beautiful, family oriented park, a place where good memories are made.